About My Yorkshire Midwife

My Yorkshire Midwife is a team of caring, compassionate and experienced midwives and birth experts, lead by principal midwife Angela Wilson. That's me up there !

I am committed to providing exceptional maternity care and I champion normal physiological birth.

I am an independent midwife, fully insured, legally registered with the same qualifications as my NHS counterparts but I choose to work independently of the NHS. I am registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and legally obligated to declare my practice in the same ways as nurses and midwives within a hospital setting. For more information on the NMC click here: https://www.nmc.org.uk

I work closely with another experienced midwife (my buddy or 'second') - Bailey Warner.

We are both registrants of Zest midwives which allows us access to full birth insurance, support and training. Find out more about Zest Midwives.

We also work alongside midwives Tracy Hillman and Emma Wood who help us with baby's examination of the newborn once your baby is at least 6 hours old. You will meet these wonderful women closer to the time your baby is due to be born.

Bailey will attend with me for the birth of your baby. One pair of hands for you and one pair of hands for baby. Safety is paramount in my practice. We are experienced and passionate in homebirth support, as well as birth in hospital.

Here to support you every step of the way and ensuring a positive and empowering experience for you and your family.

I will guide and support you, providing factual information for all elements of your birthing journey, from the moment you discover you are pregnant, through to birth and the early days of parenthood, whether you are novice or experienced parents. Our calm birth preparation education will give you the knowledge to make informed choices throughout your pregnancy to parenthood journey.

Establishing trust is a key part of the journey. I will support and guide you with judgement free individualised care that is grounded in robust research based evidence. The team and I have years of experience and expertise and are well-equipped to address your unique needs and concerns.

As parents, we understand the importance of nurturing and supporting your physical and emotional well-being. Empowering informed choice sits at the heart of our care and support ethos, helping you to remain in control providing the care you and your family deserve.

Know that we are committed to delivering exceptional care that meets both your physical and holistic needs, providing a sense of comfort and reassurance throughout your birthing journey whilst minimising your levels of uncertainty and anxiety.

Rest assured, I am here to provide the comprehensive care that you, your baby and your family deserve.

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Here at My Yorkshire Midwife you are guaranteed expert private midwifery care to support you throughout your pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood journey. We are an experienced and compassionate team of professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest quality care for you and your baby. Our calm birth preparation programme combines relaxation and breathing techniques and aims to remove the fear many feel towards childbirth, leaving you calm and confident about your baby's birth.

We Are Having A Baby
We Are Having A Baby


With over 25 years of combined specialist experience and knowledge in the fields of midwifery and calm birth preparation, all of us at My Yorkshire Midwife is passionate about birth and midwifery care and understand the unique needs and concerns of expectant parents. Creating a supportive and nurturing environment, you can trust us to provide an evidence based platform to enable your success in building a strong foundation for you and your family.

my Yorkshire Midwife supports knowledge
my Yorkshire Midwife supports knowledge


With education and knowledge comes empowerment; a sense of control and influence over the decisions you make surrounding your pregnancy and birth.

The whole team at My Yorkshire Midwife always refer to current guidelines and a robust evidence base, enabling you to confidently navigate your journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Our calm birth preparation course gives you the tools to put you and your birth partner firmly in the driving seat when it comes to any decisions you need to make around your maternity care. You will be empowered you for birth, parenthood and all that it brings.

my baby knows how and when to be born at home in a water birth with my Yorkshire Midwife
my baby knows how and when to be born at home in a water birth with my Yorkshire Midwife