"...I felt empowered, confident and relaxed"

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If you are looking in to hypnobirthing, then look no further than this page. Angela is an amazing hypnobirthing practitioner and midwife. To briefly describe my pregnancy journey, friends had recommended hypnobirthing, however, to begin with I was a little sceptical. I couldn’t quite get my head around how relaxation techniques could get me through painful contractions and help ease my anxieties about going in to labour. After an initial phone call with Angela, I instantly knew that this would be massively beneficial and would contribute towards the safe arrival of our baby girl. The four sessions that followed, were amazing and as each session passed by, I felt empowered, confident and relaxed. The information Angela provides is invaluable and the different relaxation techniques she taught myself and my birthing partner were not only useful during labour but also the months leading up to the big event! We felt completely in control of the situation and we knew exactly what we had to do when our little girl was ready to meet us. Fast forward to the labour: Hypnobirthing taught me not to panic, we were both relaxed and excited when the time came. A few hours in to established labour, my birthing plan had to drastically change. Without Angela’s knowledge and the techniques we had been taught. I would have panicked in this situation. However, weeks of practicing hypnobirthing techniques got me through a 19 hour labour with very little pain relief. Through breathing techniques and a positive mindset, that I was going to give birth to my baby calmly and safely, got me through and I didn’t feel disheartened that I didn’t give birth the way I initially planned. I was relaxed and happy with the my experience. I honestly cannot thank Angela enough for the support she gave me and my partner throughout our pregnancy journey and I would like to think of her not only as my hypnobirthing practitioner but also a friend. 😊

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